The so-called German nuclear phase-out is a fraud

While the German government and some conservative media celebrate the
recent strategy decision of Germany’s leaders to be a consequent
reaction to the atomic disaster in Fukushima and call it an advance,
it is the opposite. With the latest decision of the ruling parties
of Germany a partly extension of the remaining lifetime of the
nuclear reactors will be set by law. The atomic industry receives an
other guarantee for the continuation of nine reactors. And legalizes
new Fukushimas and Chernobyls for at least eleven more years.

Yet not all details of the agreement between the ruling parties are
public, but by now it seems to become a gift of the German government
to the nuclear industry, who already feared to lose now all of their
NPPs. Their is no indication that the closure of the reactors will be
irreversible. In contrast, one or two reactors are supposed to be
kept on stand-by to be possibly reactivated again. After ten years the
nuclear industry could start to negotiate again claiming it would not
be possible to close their NPPs – as they did before, too.

It seems that the arithmetically remaining lifetime of the oldest
nuclear reactors is supposed to be added to the legal lifetime of the
newer ones (which are all very old, too). Even the legal lifetime
capacities of those NPPs which are offline or closed due to accidents
or court decisions will be added to the remaining reactors. As
accidents and incidents are usual in the nuclear industry, the final
year of closure of the last reactor could be even much later than
2022 due to the rule that the interruption time doesn’t count on
their legal lifetimes.

According to the available information about the results of the
negotiations of the ruling parties, those seven nuclear reactors that
have been offline as a consequence of the catastrophe in Fukushima as
well as the Krümmel NPP that has been offline for many years due to a
series of accidents will not be restarted again. This is probably the
only good news, that the government doesn’t dare to restart them –
mass blockades of these reactors had been announced for the point of
time when the moratorium would end.

Falk Beyer
Energy campaigner
Greenkids Germany
Involved to the international Nuclear Heritage Network

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